Studio MD is an interior decorating company owned and operated by Melanie and Denisha Walker. We decorate homes from concept to completion and have garnered a reputation for beautifully balanced spaces that feel refreshingly modern. We create beautiful interiors for every space, that stands the test of


How to Start

We start with your consultation. It's required for every space we decorate. We answer every question and concern you have during your initial consultation. At the end of your consultation we send you a complete Letter of Intent (LOI) and how soon we can move forward with your project. 

What our clients are saying


I am beyond satisfied with what they did with my space. Completely transformed it! I didn't even recognize my living room after Studio MD Home finished it. That's how amazing it looks!


So happy with the reinvention of my space! Something I have absolutely no talent with (decorating) and realized I should have called on the experts a long time ago. Amazing!! Looking forward to more business with the company.